Houghton & Wyton Community Land Trust

  • Type of Community-Led Housing: Community Land Trust (not yet incorporated)
  • County: Cambridgeshire
  • Local Authority: Huntingdonshire
  • Number of Homes: To be decided
  • Year of Completion: Build still to start

At Houghton and Wyton in Huntingdonshire, the Parish Council has led the drive to form a Community Land Trust (CLT) to build homes that fulfil the needs of local people.

Eastern Community Homes is working to support the group as they work towards formal incorporation. Through Cambridgeshire ACRE, support is also being given to explore whether a member of the Cambridgeshire Rural Affordable Housing Partnership would be willing to fund the undertaking of a Housing Needs Survey that would establish any hidden housing need within the community and inform the future work of the CLT.