WE SUPPORT PEOPLE WITH THE DEVELOPMENT OF COMMUNITY-LED HOUSING IN THE EAST OF ENGLAND This includes support, training and skills, as well as land and funding More about Eastern Community Homes WE EDUCATE PEOPLE ON COMMUNITY-LED HOUSING IN THE EAST OF ENGLAND This includes support, training and skills, as well as land and funding

What we do

For people creating housing together

Home is more than just a roof over your head. Housing is also about creating a place of safety and comfort within a strong community.

Our aim is to help people unite in the East of England, and allow them to make affordable homes that support local people.

We increase supply for new homes through community-led housing projects. With our expertise, support and funding we can bring these to life.

Community-led housing comes in many forms, so there is no one standard approach.

Whether you are exploring community land trusts or co-operative projects, we can help you create your long term homes.
We give you power over how you want to live.

You will play a key role in solving local problems by creating affordable homes and strong communities.
These aims are difficult to reach through common housing streams.

We will provide a ‘one stop shop’ so that communities in East Anglia understand the opportunities they have.

Together we can ensure a smooth working partnership to build new homes for those with local incomes.
Such homes are built to high standards of energy efficiency, using new and progressive building methods.

We do housing differently

There is a construction crisis currently taking place across the country, so we cannot dispute the need for extra homes.

New homes are often built by private developers or local authorities for sale, rent and part-ownership through a select few methods.

But community-led homes offer a different path.

We work with people who want to ensure there is always fairly-priced housing in their area.

Our role is to help inform, educate, inspire and promote joint projects that will survive for years to come.

Whatever your role in that process – investor, partner, promoter, leader– we have information ready to help you become part of something special.



We provide a selection of support services for communities in the East of England, so they
can benefit from the opportunities community-led housing provides.

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We are working with local authorities and councils to provide training and resources. We will also source funding for local schemes.

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There's many outstanding community-led housing projects already taking place across the East of England. 

Find out more about the different types of projects and their progress by clicking the button below.

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Eastern Community Homes map of community-led housing in projects in East of England

What we do


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ECH joins forces with Combined Authority driving forward community-led housing.

Eastern Community Homes will be working with the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority to drive forward its commitment ...
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Delighted with today’s announcement that our @Eastern_Homes venture will be working alongside @CambsPboroCA to fulfil its community-led housing ambitions for #Cambridgeshire and #Peterborough. Full info here: https://t.co/UdtZToHhBR

Delighted with today’s announcement that our @Eastern_Homes venture will be working alongside @CambsPboroCA to fulfil its community-led housing ambitions for #Cambridgeshire and #Peterborough. Full info here: https://t.co/LjXQAPilxW

Today has been very much focused on #communityledhousing. Excellent meeting with our local authority partners and technical advisors in @eastern_homes and a great planning session to set up our next event on #community #selfbuild. More details coming soon #watchthisspace

Today we are adding our voice to #FuelPovertyAwarenessDay

Many households are struggling to keep warm this winter with rising energy costs. This can be a particular problem for #rural dwellers on low incomes who live in homes that are difficult to insulate or rely on heating oil

Very informative online seminar hosted by @cse_communities all about #FuelPovertyAwarenessDay this morning. Our Energy Support Scheme, CHESS, can help you this #winter in keeping #warm. Find out how here: https://t.co/1w8uCBzVlv

The power of partnership in action. Thanks to @CarterJonas and @newmeaningfound we are working on innovative solutions to homelessness in Cambridge. https://t.co/06cqwws9vi

Funding opportunity

Asda Foundation has launched a new grants programme to help small grassroots organisations improve local community spaces and places across the UK. Investing in Spaces and Places Grant will provide funding of between £5,000 and £25,000

Great potential development, although funding is low. #ruralaffordablehousing
53 councils get slice of £58m to deliver homes on brownfield sites https://t.co/REzdncWceN

Less than three weeks until our briefing event on the @QGCanopy tree planting initiative to celebrate Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee. Join us to learn more: https://t.co/OOcY32jT67 #PlantaTreefortheJubilee #Jubilee #QGC

1/4 Would you be interested in being involved in a community-led housing development in #Chelmsford?
Community-led housing is where local people and groups help to design & deliver new housing, without profiting from it.

Are you wondering how you could improve the #energyefficiency of your home? Our Cambridgeshire Home Energy Support Service project offers FREE advice and support! ☎️ 0800 8021773 💻 warmhomes@pect.org.uk #WarmHomesWeek

Delighted to welcome Charlie Fisher @TransitionbyD as a speaker at our ‘More than living’ #communityledhousing at scale event on 25-Oct. Hear about his experiences of large scale community-led housing development in Oxford. More at https://t.co/jmYYsBOGfW