WE SUPPORT PEOPLE WITH THE DEVELOPMENT OF COMMUNITY-LED HOUSING IN THE EAST OF ENGLAND This includes support, training and skills, as well as land and funding More about Eastern Community Homes WE EDUCATE PEOPLE ON COMMUNITY-LED HOUSING IN THE EAST OF ENGLAND This includes support, training and skills, as well as land and funding

What we do

For people creating housing together

Home is more than just a roof over your head. Housing is also about creating a place of safety and comfort within a strong community.

Our aim is to help people unite in the East of England, and allow them to make affordable homes that support local people.

We increase supply for new homes through community-led housing projects. With our expertise, support and funding we can bring these to life.

Community-led housing comes in many forms, so there is no one standard approach.

Whether you are exploring community land trusts or co-operative projects, we can help you create your long term homes.
We give you power over how you want to live.

You will play a key role in solving local problems by creating affordable homes and strong communities.
These aims are difficult to reach through common housing streams.

We will provide a ‘one stop shop’ so that communities in East Anglia understand the opportunities they have.

Together we can ensure a smooth working partnership to build new homes for those with local incomes.
Such homes are built to high standards of energy efficiency, using new and progressive building methods.

We do housing differently

There is a construction crisis currently taking place across the country, so we cannot dispute the need for extra homes.

New homes are often built by private developers or local authorities for sale, rent and part-ownership through a select few methods.

But community-led homes offer a different path.

We work with people who want to ensure there is always fairly-priced housing in their area.

Our role is to help inform, educate, inspire and promote joint projects that will survive for years to come.

Whatever your role in that process – investor, partner, promoter, leader– we have information ready to help you become part of something special.



We provide a selection of support services for communities in the East of England, so they
can benefit from the opportunities community-led housing provides.

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We will be working with local authorities and councils to provide training and resources. We will also source funding for local schemes.

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There's many outstanding community-led housing projects already taking place across the East of England. 

Find out more about the different types of projects and their progress by clicking the button below.

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Eastern Community Homes map of community-led housing in projects in East of England

What we do


March 16, 21

Eastern Community Homes: We Do Housing Differently. Local Authorities.

The first event in 'Eastern Community Homes: We Do Housing Differently', aimed at local authorities. This event will ...
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Eastern Community Homes: We Do Housing Differently

We are delighted to announce that ticket booking for the Eastern Community Homes launch event, Eastern Community Homes: ...
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Reports suggest that community-led housing groups have proven to be very resilient during #COVID19, often switching their efforts to support the needs of local people during lockdowns.

Not to be missed for @community_land members. https://t.co/Em5wEl3uF3

We are excited to announce speakers for our launch event in March! Click the link to find out more about the individual sessions and who will be speaking...


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Save the dates! Launch of Eastern Community Homes Hub 16th-18th March - and read more at https://t.co/eVOVfnXkSe Register to attend at https://t.co/OKqlG6F8o3 @eastern_homes

We are proud to be supporting Eastern Community Homes and look forward to being involved in the exciting series of FREE online sessions #communityledhousing https://t.co/8oS9EODQqS

Interested in building community-led housing in your community then sign-up for the first ever @eastern_homes virtual event program and launch of this new advice support hub for communities across the East of England.

Maldon District Council are the latest council to pledge their support to Eastern Community Homes!

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We are excited to announce Eastern Community Homes: We Do Housing Differently! We are holding a number of free online sessions from 16-18 March 2021 and would be delighted if you could join us! Register your interest: https://t.co/JmF0hiwEUQ

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Colchester Borough Council have now pledged their support to Eastern Community Homes! Could your council be next?

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We are delighted that North Norfolk District Council have recently pledged their support to Eastern Community Homes!

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Introducing the new ‘Right to Regenerate’: local people to be given a new right to take over unused council-owned buildings.

Meaning more new homes, businesses and community assets — whatever a community wants to see in their area. (1/4)

The government’s plan to create a “right to regenerate” represents a great opportunity to create more community assets and build on the #PowerOfCommunity.
Read @antlondon's full statement here: https://t.co/q9tJkxdb29 https://t.co/dOnU6DfjrM

Read about Right to Regenerate and the opportunities this could provide for community-led housing...


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Below is a tweet from 2018, when the govt launched its £163m Community Housing Fund. The fund allowed communities to build the homes they want & need.
We're calling on @RobertJenrick & @RishiSunak to restart the fund and unlock the potential of community-led housing once again. https://t.co/wBThRuon89

Stretham & Wilburton CLT recently handed over the keys for 4 affordable #CommunityLedHousing
homes to residents - the last 4 of a project of 23!

The CLT allocates homes to those with a local connection so people aren't priced out of their villages.