Cottenham Community Land Trust

  • Type of Community-Led Housing: Community Land Trust
  • County: Cambridgeshire
  • Local Authority: South Cambridgeshire
  • Number of Homes: To be decided
  • Year of Completion: Build not yet started

At Cottenham in South Cambridgeshire, the Parish Council has led the drive to form a Community Land Trust (CLT) to build homes that fulfil the needs of local people.

The CLT was incorporated in April 2018 as a Community Benefit Society which aims to provide locally affordable housing in perpetuity for people with a connection to the parish of Cottenham such as those with family ties with the village or people on lower incomes who wish to live in the community in which they work but cannot currently afford to. It is a not-for-profit organisation; any surplus goes back into the organisation, to be used for new projects for the community.

There are currently seven Cottenham-resident trustees to guide the Trust, although more are welcome as new skills and experience are required.

The group are looking for a suitable site that is:

  • near or immediately adjacent to Cottenham’s development framework; and
  • within easy walking distance of the village centre or a well-served (bi-directional service to Cambridge) bus stop.

Eastern Community Homes is currently supporting the CLT to refresh its membership and to explore partnership opportunities to help develop a suitable project.

More information is available at: