CHESS Homeless

  • Type of Community-Led Housing: Company limited by guarantee
  • County: Essex
  • Local Authority: Chelmsford City Council
  • Number of Homes: 9
  • Year of Completion: Tbc

CHESS Homeless, a charity tackling homelessness in Essex, doubled in size during the COVID-19 pandemic. This was as a direct result of needing to support the growing single homeless population in the County. Before the pandemic when CHESS had 6 properties that housed 32 people. As of March 2022, CHESS had 13 properties housing 67 people. The current over-subscription is 18 per month and the predictions are that this number is set to rise.
CHESS is seeking to increase its property portfolio to meet this demand.

CHESS already owns land that would be able to accommodate at least 9 modular housing units that would offer a new level of accommodation to our homeless citizens. These modular units are very environmentally friendly and would offer independent living on a supported housing site.

For those struggling with mental health issues and those who may have a pet (CHESS is currently unable to help people with pets) this would create an opportunity for CHESS to be able to work with them alongside other partners. CHESS works to ensure that people who find themselves homeless are supported in ways that enable them to move forward purposefully and in good health. By adding this accommodation and being in a position to run the cost of these units through housing benefit CHESS will be one step closer to fulfilling its mission in helping the homeless.

Eastern Community Homes is providing support to the group and, additionally, has provided a grant of £4,800 to help with project development costs including elevations, condition and topographical surveys and full plans.