Using the Wayshaper toolkit to shape your community-led housing group

Wayshaper is a decision-making toolkit for community led housing groups. It has been created to help accelerate the planning of community led housing projects by providing a framework for informed decision-making.

The toolkit helps to simplify and support the process when developing a community led housing group model. It provides a way for groups to explore the needs and preferences of their members, map out priorities, explore options and make decisions.

Developed and supported by the Community Led Housing network, a Wayshaper workshop, facilitated by an accredited enabler, can be the catalyst for an emerging or established group looking to find direction and renewed focus with their project.

Wayshaper is owned by The Confederation of Co-operative Housing and is licenced to Community Led Homes. As the Community Led Housing Hub for the East of England, Eastern Community Homes has access to Wayshaper.

Community-led housing groups in the East of England can access a Wayshaper session at any stage of their project process, by contacting Eastern Community Homes.

You can read more information about Wayshaper on the Wayshaper website.