Richard Bacon Review – Scaling self and custom build

ECH News

Richard Bacon, MP for South Norfolk, has released his review of custom and self-build housing, House: how putting customers in charge can change everything.  The Bacon review highlights a missing market for self-build homes in the UK.

It suggests that an extra 40,000 homes could be made available each year were a different approach taken to the sector. The report outlines several recommendations of how to support growth in the entire custom and self-build market, including community led housing. These recommendations are as follows;

  • Homes England playing a greater role in Custom and Self-Build delivery to enable creation of serviced building plots and delivery at scale across the country.
  • Raising awareness of the right to build by creating a self-build show park and strengthening existing legislation.
  • Supporting community-led housing, diversity of supply and levelling up through renewing the community housing fund, create accessible opportunities for communities to help themselves and introducing a plot to rent scheme.
  • Promoting greener homes and increased us of advanced manufacturing such as modern methods of construction (MMC) and Net Zero housing
  • Supporting custom and self-build through the planning reforms to maximise opportunities for access to land.
  • Iron out tax creases to create a level playing field between self-build and speculatively built homes.

Why is the report so significant?

  • It advocates for a new system and method of delivering demand for homes in the UK at a time when the housing market has been put under immense strain.
  • It calls for the customer to be put at the centre of the new home market. Helping to increase the diversity of our housing market, create developments communities are happier to see built and increase affordability.
  • It highlights a way forward in creating greener homes.
  • It demonstrates international examples the UK can learn from. These include Germany, France and the United States. Lessons that can be learnt include the use of small and medium sized builders, a wider range of customer choice, delivery at scale and government support schemes. All of which are not widely implemented in the UK at current.
  • It calls for reforms to the planning system making it simpler to navigate and to increase opportunities to build homes people want to live in by enabling developers to offer choice.

Read the full report to explore Richard Bacon’s recommendations in full and how this could shape the UK housing market.