Cambridge Future Living Community Community Land Trust

  • Type of Community-Led Housing: Community Land Trust
  • County: Cambridgeshire
  • Local Authority: Cambridge City Council
  • Number of Homes: 20 – 80
  • Year of Completion: Build yet to start
  • More information:

Registered as Cambridge Community Land Trust in May 2016, this CLT hopes to build between 20-80 low carbon homes with integrated food growing, water ecological treatment systems (or reed beds), coppice biomass fuels, forest garden, renewable energy systems and wildlife areas. Their aspirations include a community hub and incorporated Complementary Health Clinic that will also serve as an education and training centre, a venue for home working, laundry, community dining area and guest accommodation.

They plan to design their project along permaculture principles whose three basic tenets are Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share.

The groups needs to find the right site for their build which is proving tricky given their wish to be close to central Cambridge. Eastern Community Homes supports the group by staying in touch to offer advice and support as and when needed.