Community-led housing Groups

Eastern Community Homes is an independent, not-for profit Hub for community-led housing in the East of England. It aims to increase the supply of community-led housing, primarily affordable homes, to meet local needs in the area covered by the Hub and support community groups in fulfilling their visions for community-led housing, whether this is through Community Land Trusts (CLTs), cooperatives, co-housing schemes, self-help housing, group self-build, or almshouses.

The support is carried out by a team of Rural Housing Enablers and accredited Community-Led Housing Advisors represented in each of the 6 counties (Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk) in the East of England. Get in contact with them here. Whilst the advisors provide the majority of the support, we also have networks of technical advisors (such as architects), housing associations, and local authorities to offer advice in their specific areas.

There are various stages in the Community-Led Housing process where Eastern Community Homes can provide support:

  • Getting Started – the first steps in beginning community-led housing projects in your community
  • Governance – ensuring effective governance of your group is essential to achieving successful outcomes
  • Business Planning – creating a clear and concise plan of the long-term goals and how these will be achieved
  • Funding – establishing the cost of your project, determining whether it is financially viable, and accessing funding
  • Development – advice around the purchase and development of land, design and building options
  • Communication and Marketing – support in the effective communication of the project to the community and potential stakeholders

Read our guide on establishing community-led housing groups.

If you are a group looking for support or currently being supported by Eastern Community Homes, fill in our Community-Led Housing Group Registration Form and download our Offer to Communities.


Benefits of Community-Led Housing


  • Community involvement leads to a better perception of housing developments
  • Local homes for local people – addresses community need
  • Homes can be made genuinely affordable for local people
  • Ownership of local assets in perpetuity
  • Can include projects which benefit the whole community – such as community centres

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