Communication and Marketing

Why is it important?

Effective communication is a vital component of how local residents, land owners, developers, local authority partners, funders, and other actual / potential stakeholders view the organisation.

Robust and consistent communications will help improve awareness, keep people engaged and informed, and help build trust and confidence.

It also must be two way, listening and responding to needs, views and expectations.

Key considerations

  • Who are the key stakeholders?
  • How can we maximise community support and involvement?
  • How can we attract / recruit members / board members?
  • What needs communicating / when?
  • How do we keep people informed?
  • What are the best forms of consultation?
  • How can we manage expectations / concerns?
  • What forms of communication work best – website / social media / e-zines?

We can help you with:

  • General advice and support
  • Engaging members and key stakeholders
  • Preparing for community consultation
  • Brokering partnerships
  • Facilitating discussion
  • Developing websites, using social media, e-zines and literature
  • Supplying templates and examples of what works
  • Providing training and development