Coming Home Report

ECH News

In February 2021 ‘Coming Home: Tackling the housing crisis together’ was released by The Commission of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York on Housing, Church and Community.

The report highlights 5 core values to set a new standard and vision for good housing:

  • Sustainable
  • Safe
  • Stable
  • Sociable
  • Satisfying

In order to ensure the increased delivery of affordable homes meeting these 5 core values, the report recommends that the Church of England commits to using its land assets to promote the development of these homes.

Community-led housing could be an important aspect of this delivery through models such as Community Land Trusts and Almshouses. Previously, churches have offered land to community groups in order to deliver affordable housing. This was demonstrated in Keswick where a CLT was formed from Keswick Churches Together and a site was offered from the local church. Strong relationships between communities and the church could see more examples of this happening in the future.

Read the full report to see how the church plans to tackle the UK housing crisis alongside the Government and the community.