Brownfield Land Release Fund

ECH News

Released yesterday, the Brownfield Land Release Fund forms part of the National Home Building Fund. The purpose of this fund, which makes available up to £75 million capital grant to English local authorities, is to unlock and accelerate housing delivery on these sites. Of this £75 million, £25 million has been allocated for self and custom-build plots (where both brownfield and greenfield sites will be considered).


The aim of the scheme is to:

  • release local authority owned land by the end of March 2024 for housing development that otherwise would not come forward during that period.
  • encourage the use of public assets to drive innovative delivery, through SME support, bespoke delivery models, high-quality design and modern methods of construction.
  • demonstrate a return for Government investment into these small sites.
  • enable schemes to deliver within the funding timescale.


The funding can be used for costs such as:

  • site levelling, groundworks, and demolition.
  • provision of small-scale infrastructure.
  • highways works or other access challenges.
  • addressing environmental constraints.


The guidance includes that community led housing groups are legitimate delivery vehicles for the development on land released using this fund.


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